• Sale & Purchase Management

    Due to the extensive experience of the management team, the decisions for selling and buying vessels are strategically taken in order to take advantage of any market circumstance. Our target is to invest in the dry bulk sector by exploiting opportunities arising in the current low market with the view of an operational profit, as well as substantial capital gains profit.

  • Commercial Management

    The Company provides to its principals, the owners of ocean-going vessels, commercial services including chartering, post-fixing, etc. The team shall assess employment opportunities, negotiate and conclude fixtures. Since its establishment, the Company has managed to develop and maintain strong relations with first-class Charterers. Though the majority of the Company’s fleet, the employment strategies may vary based on market prospects, with main goal to maximize ship’s utilization and earnings. Post Fixing is also considered of high importance, which apart from the freight collection which assures the Owner’s earnings are collected without undue delays, the day to day follow up enables to negotiate and clear out immediately any possible issue.

  • Operations Management

    The operations department is mainly responsible for supporting the officers and crew onboard to execute the voyage safely and efficiently, ensures the punctuality of the cargo transportation, while maximizing efficiency by focusing on navigational, voyage optimization and bunker management. 
    Insurance arrangements are also properly arranged by the team in order to ensure that crew, vessels and cargoes are covered against risks associated with seaborne transport. All types of claims and disputes - charter party, MOA, cargo, crew, loss of hire, performance, H&M etc. are properly processed and handled.

  • Financial / Accounts Management

    The Company emphasizes on regular accounting and financial reporting, to numerate capital expenditure, operating cost, earning and revenue, by our experienced financial and accounting team. Substantial investment contribution of the company’s shareholders, along with moderate levels of leverage by our finance partners, ensure competitive cost of funding and high return on the investments. 
    Both teams are working in an efficient and effective manner in order to coordinate invoice handling and payments without delays.

  • Technical & Marine Management

    The technical team is staffed with experienced engineers and naval architects, and focuses on the undisrupted operations of our vessels. Our technical superintendents are regularly attending the vessels in order to monitor and record their condition. Our technical team is also responsible that the vessels’ spares and machinery are supplied and maintained properly. 
    Priority of our marine team is to strengthen the safety of our managed vessels, primarily for efficient navigation and cargo operations. To be assured that navigation risks are minimized, marine superintendents monitor shipboard routines through frequent attendances.

    Both technical and marine team ensure compliance with all national and international policies and regulations and aim to optimize vessel’s performance in the most efficient and effective way.

  • Safety Management

    Our experienced, qualified HSSQE (Health, Safety, Security, Quality, and Environment) team is committed to ensuring that the managed vessels meet all ESG regulations, including those related to safety management. Our Company is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety and performance, and to exceeding all recognized requirements, while respecting all individuals, as well as their safety, privacy, and dignity.

  • Supply / Purchasing / Forwarding Management

    The team is committed to provide high quality provisions, tools and materials in a timely and proper manner to our seafarers in order to meet their needs in every aspect and work smoothly and safely.

  • Crew Management

    Through our crewing department, the Company ensures that the vessels under our management are manned with adequate qualified, skilled and competent seafarers in accordance with international requirements and Company’s high standard for excellence, and is in charge of crew rotations and repatriations.